Welcome to Shokolad!

Our elegant and cozy cafe is located right in the city center.

It opened in 2006 and became one of the first café of European standard in Smolensk. Shokolad is a project, which united talented people, who decided to make it part of their lives.

Warm atmosphere and welcoming team of are waiting for you behind large glass windows, inviting to relax from your everyday work or celebrate a family event.

If you have ever dreamt of being ‘in chocolate’ as we say in Russia, meaning feeling completely happy and content, when everything is possible - you just need to open the doors and feel the delicious smell of cinnamon, coffee and home cuisine...

In summer, Shokolad will offer you refreshing frappuccino, in autumn will treat you with a glass of mulled wine, in winter warm you up with Irish coffee and in spring charge you with energy of vitamins from a freshly squeezed juice.

Shokolad has its own feelings and mood, created by our dedicated and professional team. We love to see our guests, we are happy when they are smiling and sharing news, eating our delicious pasta or enjoying a glass of hot chocolate. We are glad to help you wake up with a cup of coffee and some pancakes.

Shokolad is always in a happy and cheerful ‘orange’ mood!

Whether you are looking for a place to have a business meeting, romantic dinner, a family celebration or an evening out with friends, Shokolad will be perfect for that... Our guests, as part of a big family, are always enthusiastic about new unexpected encounters at their favourite place.



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Работа у нас

Кафе «Шоколад» г. Смоленск, ул. Пржевальского, 7а. e-mail: shokoladclub@yandex.ru Тел: (4812) 35-06-11  © 2012